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Check out which colors are most present in homes and businesses and have great ideas to get
Rosy gray is a more current shade and goes well on internal walls, as it brings calm, energy and
a feeling of well-being.
Gray Blue is an extremely usable color, both on interior walls and ceilings. This tone allows for
incredible combinations with various tones.
Seductive White is one of the most used and inspiring colors of the moment. It’s a shade of
white that pulls to a pink, well understated tone.

Blue is a color that refers to the elements of nature, giving the feeling of calm, peace and well-
being in the environment.

Green is a popular and powerful color. He takes pride of place contributing to beautiful
combinations of homes and offices.
Gray is a sober and balanced tone, you can use it in different environments, from an office to
the children’s room.
Flores Enpoeiradas is a widely used color and refers to the nuances of pink and salmon,
creating a zen and beautiful atmosphere.
Purple is often used at specific points, to give greater emphasis to a particular location. The
result is incredible, just use it judiciously on your interior wall.
Beige is part of the neutral colors, achieving great results.
Red is a warm, eye-catching color that awakens creativity and joy. Just use it judiciously on
your inner wall.
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