Electric motors are found in the widest shapes and sizes, each one suited to their task. No matter how much torque or power an electric motor should increase, you will surely find the one that will be most suitable for you.

The three-phase induction motor is also known as an asynchronous motor, precisely because it does not operate at synchronous speed. Three-phase motors are suitable for connection to three-phase electrical systems, or three alternating voltages. They are found in larger powers, give higher efficiency and offer better operating conditions than single-phase motors, as they do not need help starting.

The asynchronous three-phase induction motor has the great disadvantage that in its direct starting the current value is very high, almost ten times its rated current. The reason for this high current is the low value of its impedance (effective voltage quotient by the intensity of an alternating current) that is sometimes less than its rated speed. When you just want to slow down the game without changing its speed, the soft-starter electronic device must be used in order to keep the current as low as possible. baldor em4114t eletric motor