This category of electric motors is with high rotor lockout and high slip, provided for direct starting, with four or more poles, from 0.37 kW to 110 kW. The locked-rotor (Cp) conjugate expressed by the ratio for the nominal (Cn) conjugate should have the minimum value at the rated voltage of 2.75. The minimum starting torque and the maximum torque are not provided because in these types of engines the torque decreases significantly when the speed rises. Slip at nominal power must be equal to or greater than 5% and three engine variations are provided for slip value: one with 5% to 8%, one above 8% to 13% for use in drilling presses, scissors and other high inertia machines, where we wish to utilize the energy stored in a flywheel under severe load fluctuations and to mitigate the high peak demand of the system, and the third including motors with slippage above 13%, for applications generally in time, due to high losses in the rotor, such as cranes, winches, elevators.