Table spacing, customers receiving gel alcohol at the reception, cleaning the room
with lysoform, asepsis of menus, The app sorts all the rides found
according to the user’s proximity, going from the closest to the
farthest. In addition, it is also possible to apply filters to view events
according to the date they will occur (??Next 24 hours??, ??Weekend??
and ??Up to a week??), or in categories that go from ??Ballad?? and
??Dance?? even ??Good, Beautiful and Cheap??. The app information is
updated hourly. By clicking on an event in the app, it is possible to read
a description of the attraction, in addition to its complete
schedule. The application also allows the user to save the tours as
favorites and access information about them without the need for an
internet connection. What3Words (W3W) is a localization service,
already adapted to the Portuguese language, which uses only three
words to find any address in the world. The app has a clean design and
is easy to use. It is enough for the user to summarize his search in at
least 3 words and the program will give a possible location of the
place. American Pasta top italian restaurants in alpharetta ga