Madreperola Restaurant
The Madreperola restaurant, another venture by businessman Walter Mancini located on
Avanhandava street, has its menu inspired by Italian cuisine, with space for recipes that take
seafood. The environment houses a lounge with art pieces, shells, boats and other nautical
elements. Among the starters, the Praia Salad, which includes squid, shrimp and pieces of
octopus, is a good choice. Among the main ones, we highlight the Spaghetti à Madrepérola,
with fresh tomato sauce and seafood and the PF de Bacalhau, which includes boiled potatoes,
rice and sauce. To harmonize, the house houses a list of national and imported wines. There
are also draft beers taken from the restaurant’s beer cooler.
Madreperola Restaurant
Address: R. Avanhandava, 30 – Bela Vista
Phone: (11) 3258-4243
Taberna do Julio
The Taberna do Julio, on the other hand, was opened in 1966 and attracts the public especially
for the pasta rotation, which includes carbonara noodles and Bolognese gnocchi. Taberna do Julio
Address: R. Conselheiro Carrão, 392 – Bela Vista
Phone: (11) 3289-0421 American Pasta sandy springs italian restaurant